6 Reasons To Eat Pemmican – The Ultimate Survival Food

Pemmican is the ultimate survival food. It is a portable, long-lasting, high-energy survival food that was invented by Native Americans.

The recipe starts of with lean, dried meat that’s crushed and pounded into a powder. At this point hot, rendered fat is mixed in along with the option of dried fruit for taste.

Since there is a balanced amount of dried ingredients, it packs an enormous amount of energy for its weight. There is enough calories in it to sustain fully grown adults for a weeks on end in the Old West. This makes it a great food to have in an emergency situation, especially if you’re on the move.

Pemmican - The Ultimate Survival FoodMaking Pemmican saves you time.

Time is something that will be in short supply when SHTF. You will never have to worry about cooking, gathering ingredients or even washing dishes. All of which will be vastly more difficult during power outages, disaster, or even periods of violence – among many others. In that situation, the last thing you need is to alert troublemakers with the smell of home cooking, which may provoke a dangerous situation. This would allow you to focus on what really matters without boiling water or any other distractions. Pemmican allows you to have your survival food ready at any moment’s notice – unlike the majority of modern-day survival meals.


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This food lasts for decades.

This means you won’t have to worry about canning or storing food. Your stockpile will be free of bacteria and you won’t have to stress about remembering expiration dates.

Anything that could prevent sickness is always a key element in survival. Expired or old food could lead to sickness, and it is a serious threat to your family.

Eating it is healthy and can be eaten on the move.

Pemmican contains rendered fat whose enzymes help cure the meat. Furthermore, they are absolutely necessary to maintain a balanced diet. It is absolutely proven that exclusively eating lean meat could cause diarrhea. A staggering 2,195 children perish each day as a result of the dehydration that it causes. Those numbers are more than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined!

While travelling Native Americans stocked up on Pemmican as their primary source of protein. This was known as their primary war ration of choice.  It earned that status because it is energy rich yet light enough to easily tuck away into a satchel.


Pemmican is a cheap and healthy food.

This survival food contains zero harmful additives. This is especially true if you raise your own meat and don’t like to waste any part of your livestock.

On the flip side, every ingredient required for the recipe can be found at your local grocery store. Many of the survival options online can often cost the modern prepper tens of thousands of dollars.

The simple alternative is making this survival food, and it is sure to save you and your family.

This staple tastes great.

The texture is just like beef jerky but the taste is much sweeter, which beats MREs and other survival food effortlessly. It even comes in a variety of flavors, depending how you cook it. Because of this, it is a great morale booster for distraught family members.

The bottomline is that making Pemmican is a respected life skill that could save your family one day.

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