How to Make a Tiled Roof Hut

Building a tiled roof house completely out of natural resources is possible. Now this survival technique is something you don’t see everyday. It looks like it came straight out of a hollywood set. This is not your average Bear Grylls – Man vs. Wild or Les Stroud Survivorman series where they are just surviving with bare minimum shelters. No, an entire tiled roof hut house was built here. That, my friends, is not surviving. That is what I call living!

This tiled roof hut was built from scratch using only what Mother Nature has provided for him. Primitive Technology is the YouTube channel that is responsible for this. All we are asking for is – more! Manufactured using only natural materials, it leaves no trace of pollution if abandoned. This is what real survival skills are all about – using all resources that are already around you.

It is very interesting in fact that this man does not live in the wild. He is an Australian that does this type of bushcraft survival as a hobby and to teach others.

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A Closer Look

A Celt stone ax and a chisel made of stone to carve and cut all of the wood. Remarkably, these too were made from scratch using other natural items.

Upon further inspection of the completed hut, there is an actual working, swinging door. The pivot point was made using sturdy sticks. Since the inside of the house was kind of dark, a torch was put together using tree resin as the fuel.

What did we learn?

The video was unique since this man’s outdoor survival mentality is on another level. This survivalist shows us step by step techniques on how he builds an entire house out of green materials. That is one of the core fundamentals of going off the grid and truly survivalism at its finest.

I’m not sure if I could build this as quickly as this guy, but I definitely will be making this my next project. I challenge you to attempt this survival feat or at least something similar. Furthermore, let me know how you would improve this house in the comments section below.

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