Emergency Food Bucket Reviews – 2017

If you aren’t so keen on the effort required to package your own stockpile, there are much simpler options. Emergency Food Buckets are quickly becoming the go-to choice in the prepping community. They are prepackaged and ready to add straight to your inventory which is a huge time saver.

I have chosen the following 4 products because their companies guarantee a shelf life of well over 10+ years. They each have their ups and downs as you will find out shortly.

Mountain House – Classic Meal Assortment

Mountain House has been around for 50+ years, and as far as taste goes, they are hard to beat. The meals are made of high quality, but what you sacrifice is price. They are the most expensive out of all food buckets.

Emergency Food Bucket - Mountain House


  • Their company has been around for 50+ years
  • Best tasting, hands down – no need to add seasoning
  • Food ready in 10 minutes
  • 20 year shelf-life


  • 24 oz @ $62.55 = $1.13 per ounce
  • Only 6 different meals to choose from
  • Only 29 servings


Augason Farms – 30 Day Emergency Food Supply

With a whopping 54,670 calories, this bucket packs a big punch. While this bucket might not be the greatest tasting of the bunch, they make it up with quantity.

Emergency Food Bucket -


  • 37 oz @ $89.98 = $0.19 per ounce
  • 307 servings
  • 54,670 total calories
  • Up to 20 year shelf-life


  • Could use some spices
  • Individual bags are not re-sealable
  • Individual bags are not Mylar
  • Customers have complained about packaging quality


NutriStore – 30 Day Emergency Food

This is one of the newest contenders in the industry. I have purchased and tasted each one of their meals, and I must say I am impressed. This company has not only achieved quantity but also quality as well.

Emergency Food Bucket - NutriStore


  • 6 @ 144.99 = $0.25 per ounce
  • Huge variety – 11 different meals
  • Individual Mylar bags are re-sealable
  • Oxygen absorber in each pouch


  • Customers have complained about packaging quality but company claims they switched to thicker Mylar bags.


Chef’s Banquet – 1 Month Food Storage Supply *TOP PICK*

This company has developed a 6 gallon bucket that stores 63,000 calories called the ARK (All-purpose Readiness Kit). It boasts a 20 year shelf-life, no high fructose corn syrup and each package is re-sealable.

Emergency Food Bucket - Chefs Banquet-


  • 381 oz @ 149.99 = $0.39 per ounce
  • 330 servings
  • Healthiest Nutrition Facts
  • 20 year shelf-life
  • Metalite foil pouches capable of resealing
  • 6 gallon bucket with Gamma lid


  • 15-20 minute cook time
  • 8 meals to choose from


Holy Grail of Survival Food
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Emergency food bucket conclusion

Mountain House was definitely the best tasting of the bunch, but its price was a little steep. Augason Farms definitely gave the biggest portions of food, but their taste and bag quality could use some improvement. NutriStore is newest to this industry, and that’s probably why they’re falling short on their quality control department. As far as long-term storage goes, having a few torn bags delivered to customers is absolutely unacceptable in my books.

Chef’s Banquet is the healthiest of all the buckets, but there is a little longer cook time than the rest. Overall, this is my pick at the moment. I have tasted a lot of dehydrated foods and this one is up there with Mountain House but a fraction of the cost. I loved that they us re-sealing Mylar bags and took the time to put individual oxygen absorbers in each bag. For the cost and quality, my bet is with the Chef’s Banquet ARK.

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