Best Portable Generator Reviews – 2017

Buying a quiet and portable generator is a good power solution if you need electricity for activities away from home. Here are the top three generators that you should consider getting.

Westinghouse WH6500E

This is a wonderful generator that can be used for various purposes and fulfills the criteria needed to make it one of the most heavily recommended generators.

Best Portable Generator Reviews - 2017 - Westinghouse WH6500E


It features a 420 CC engine that produces power with four strokes in one revolution, which improve the efficiency. The overhead design covers the working parts of the engine so that there is no chance of someone reaching the engine and being injured. The full enclosure also prevents the electrical components and connections from being damaged in the storm. Even in the heavy rain, the rainwater cannot damage the engine. The generator comes with four outlets that twist along with four more outlets that do not twist. It is possible to plug anything into the generator at any time; in fact, you can even power the whole house using this generator alone.


  • It is a small generator that provides good power using only a little amount of fuel. Also, the fuel consumption is comparatively low, allowing the generator to run longer.
  • It has a special Pulse-Flo muffler that minimizes the noise level, which makes the generator perfect for urban, suburban, and rural settings alike.
  • The generator can be started via both the electric starter and the manual starter handle.
  • The LCD screen on the generator displays how long it has been running. You can easily adjust the settings at any time as the controls are color coded.


  • It is an easy-to-use product but does not fit all small homes or recreational vehicles. Also, it might not provide sufficient power for larger homes.
  • The generator is constructed using steel and is a bit heavy to haul. Although the wheels make hauling easier, the unit is not light enough for anyone to drag without them.


Champion Power Equipment 46539

It ranks among the best quiet portable generators and is perfect for those who need a unit that is both reliable and powerful. Also, it is a great choice to use at campgrounds, construction sites, and in RVs. The generator is consistently reliable to function as a backup power supply for businesses and homeowners as well.

Best Portable Generator Reviews - 2017 - Champion Power Equipment 46539


The peak power output is rated at 4000 watts, while the reliable and steady output gets a rating of 3500 watts. Encased in a cast iron sleeve, the engine is a Champion 196 CC OHV. The generator has a length of 29 inches and a width and height of 21 inches. It weighs 140 pounds, including the weight of the two eight-inch wheels and metal framing that make the generator portable.

The generator is compliant with all environmental rules along with the EPA carburetor standards. It comes with a wireless startup remote that can work from a distance of eighty feet. The unit has an overload protection, an Intelli-gauge apparatus and a low-oil sensor that gives you at-a-glance information of operating hours, hertz, and voltage. There are three distinct types of outlets, a 120-volt twist-lock, a 120-volt duplex outlet and an RV receptacle. The gas tank can hold up to 3.8 gallons and can run for twelve hours at fifty percent load, which is equal to one-third of a gallon used in one hour.


  • The major convenience is the ability to start up the generator from a distance with a remote.
  • Pull-start level offers a backup option for getting the engine going, which means the generator can still be used if the electric startup battery is dead.
  • You do not need to unplug the appliance before restarting the generator. For added protection, the power cuts off a few seconds before the engine stops.
  • High water-resistance levels of the generator can help it efficiently work in light mist.
  • The engine runs smoothly and quietly.
  • Due to the CARB compliance, it can be used across all fifty states.


  • There is no 240-volt outlet, which could be an issue for some users.
  • It is relatively expensive, and a substantial investment is needed for its purchase.


Duromax XP4000S

This is a 7.4 HP Air Cooled OHV gasoline-powered portable generator that is a top consideration of users who value durable products. Once you purchase the unit, you will not have to think about buying another anytime soon.

Best Portable Generator Reviews - 2017 - Duromax XP4000S


It features a durable 7 HP air-cooled OHV engine with low-oil shut-off, which enhances the lifespan of the engine. The unit is designed to easily maintain itself so that the engine can continue running in the right condition. Also, it comes with an oil shut-off that helps close the tank and prevent oil from spilling while reducing the friction to avoid wear and tear.

The generator has a heavy-duty steel frame with four-point fully isolated motor mounts for powerful and smooth operation. While offering extra support, the frame also helps you lift and carry it from one place to the other. It comes with a full power panel that has an oil warning light, circuit breaker, voltmeter and a powerful outlet.

All these features make the unit very convenient to use while improving its functionality. The eight-hour run time helps it run your appliances for the extended duration without any unnecessary power disruptions.


  • It does not require the user to have any prior knowledge or experience. Simply press the “power on” button and pull the lever, and the generator will start running instantly.
  • It has a durable engine, which can cool itself using air that increases its longevity.
  • Being supported by steel makes the unit strong and less subject to physical damage. Also, the steel frames make it easy to carry.
  • It is safe to use. It has a circuit breaker that breaks the circuit in case of excessive power to prevent the appliances from overheating.
  • The best thing about the generator is that it makes very less noise so that your neighborhood is not disturbed.


  • Unlike various other generators, this one does not come with wheels for easy movement by pushing on the ground.


Deciding on which single generator out-performed the others was extremely difficult. They each had their strong suits. Basically, it had to come down to two factors: price and features. Overall, based on these results, I had to choose the Champion Power Equipment 46539 as my go-to generator.

Champion has been around for a long time in this industry. They knew exactly what they were doing when constructing this powerful yet silent beast. This company is known to make quality products that will last a lifetime. My bet is with them.

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